A continent of exciting flavors!

Africa is a continent of intense diversity, reflecting influences from its 60 different territories and colonization by the British, Dutch, French, Spanish, Europeans and Portuguese. And nowhere is that diversity more evident than in its cuisine.

Welcome to Kitchens of Africa where we embrace our unique culture through mouth-watering food. Our philosophy is “keep it simple” and “stay authentic.” We use fresh, all-natural ingredients, say no to preservatives and additives, and season generously.

There’s nothing bland about African cooking. We like to heap on the flavor, applying spicy blends and tantalizing marinades. Then, simmer gently for hours. In our cuisine, slow food equals good food. That’s how we create layers of earthy, bold flavors with hints of fiery undertones – the essence of African cooking!

Come journey with us as we demystify African cuisine for you. Eat your way through this vast continent. Best of all, no passport needed. With our simmer sauces and jerk pastes, you can savor the tastes of this exotic world right at your own kitchen table.

At Kitchens of Africa, we invite you to embark on a culinary adventure. And as you sample our different flavors, we hope you’ll recognize the one ingredient common to them all – love. It goes into every dish we make.