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Slow-Cooker Peanut Meatballs

1 Jar Maffé simmer sauce
1 cup water or coconut milk
1-2 tsp soy sauce (optional)
1 lb package of frozen meatballs (chicken, turkey, or beef)
Lime wedges and chopped cilantro (optional)


  1. Add Maffé simmer sauce, coconut milk and soy sauce to your slow-cooker and stir together.

  2. Add meatballs to coconut-peanut mixture and toss to coat.

  3. Cook 6-8 hours on low (3-4 hours on high) or until it thickens to your desired consistency.

  4. Stir just before serving. Serve over spaghetti or jasmine rice. Garnish with lime and cilantro if desired.